Jun 05, 2020 ยท Note that some network drivers are not provided directly by VMware Tools. In this case, download them from the manufacturer's website. In this case, on the Intel website. PS : the list of network adapters virtualized by VMware Workstation is available on the VMware site.. VMware Workstation 15.0.2 Build 10952284 is slowing my internet speeds by 40 Mbps (minimum). ... Even if your HOST is using a wifi connection the network adapter in VMWare should be set to use a Virtual Ethernet adapter and its speed should be 1 Gb/s between VM and its HOST whilst between VM and rest of network should be at your Wifi LAN speed. To configure a network connection for a selected virtual machine, select VM > Settings, click the Hardware tab, and select the virtual network adapter. Configuring Bridged Networking When you configure bridged networking, the virtual machine uses physical network adapters on the host system to connect a network. [Read more]. "/>Vmware workstation 15 network adapter settings