Heavy Duty Harrow. Heavier Model made with 3" tubing gang carriers. Heavy Duty Harrows are manufactured with an adjustable fram and a choice of friction. Available with sealed bearings with 16, 20, 22, or 24 blades (18”,20”, 22”or 24" blades) Manufactured with 3" square tubing and a 1 1/8" axle. Mini HD harrows are available.. power harrow FOX series. tine folding. Working width: 3,053, 2,553 mm. 1. Tube mm 80x80x6 (inches 3,15x3,15x0,236) for attaching eradicator tines, to remove the compact soil left by tractor’s wheels 2. Folding side deflectors to reduce the maximum external width to m 2,99 for m 3, to m 2,49 for m 2,50 3.. Land Pride's STH1590 Spike Tooth Harrow cuts through clods, manure, and grasses to break up material into finer pieces so that it can be spread evenly across the ground. This harrow does an excellent job of smoothing garden plots, fields, arenas, and landscaping areas. It loosens crusted soil, aerates legume crops such as alfalfa and uncovers overwintering insects.. "/>Spike tooth harrow manufacturers