MSRP. $2829*. Rear tine tiller. 4.3. (20) 20" tilling width. Convenient "loop handle" design allows operation from either side. Self propelled - 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse. Commercial grade construction.. The basis for all growth – and a lot of work – is found in healthy soil. To ensure that tilling does not bring you out in a sweat, our powerful tillers tear up and turn over the soil while you effortlessly control the direction. Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. There are five Honda tiller models with tilling widths ranging from 15 cm (6-inches) to 92 cm (36-inches) in size. From small residential gardens to large commercial lots, there’s an ideally suited tiller for every job. Rear Tine ARS TM Active Rotary System. Honda Active Rotary System (ARS TM) featured on select models uses a patented co. "/>Small gas rototillers for sale