LIVE GAMES MONDAY TO SUNDAY! Savage Worlds Monster/NPC Sheets With One Click For Your Fantasy Grounds GameEXTENSION DOWNLO.... We are coming up on the halfway mark of the Kickstarter for the Monster Hunter International, Savage Worlds game. ... Because of this Kickstarter, I got a copy of Savage Worlds. Turns out, I really like it! Using it for Pendragon at school and Star Trek at home. And already have a couple players all-in for when MHI comes out Reply. heathJ says: November 25, 2017 at. Nov 13, 2017 ยท Finally, as a special added bonus, when The Monster Hunters' Club hits 350 backers (we are just 12 backers away from that), we will include another 1200-1400 word "one-sheet" adventure by Brian "Hawaiian Brian" Reeves, who created the devilishly clever Savage Worlds Fan adventure Savage Tales from the Crypt: What Lies Within.. "/>Savage worlds monster finder