Try to turn off "secure boot" or set it to allow other OS installation in your BIOS settings. Let us know if that solves your issue. 3. level 2. Op ยท 2 yr. ago. Thanks, it did the job. 3.. I can go to the "Boot Menu" to switch between Pop!_OS (current kernal), Pop!_OS (legacy kernal), Recovery Mode, Windows Boot Manager or Firmare Settings. Only Windows Boot Manager and Firmware Settings work. I tried booting into a Live Disk and run fsck as recogmended, but without any luck. OS. Now after getting tired of it I am not able to boot into Alt+F10 to get intro troubleshoot mode or boot off an USB ISO of Windows under any circumstance, I tried all the variants in Rufus. All I get is either freezing at the Acer logo or getting at the 'please unlock cryptdata' screen which is part of Pop! Os. "/>Pop os not booting from usb