A: I wasn't saying I wish you were never born, I was saying I wish I was never born. P. B: Then if you weren't born, I wouldn't have gotten to meet you. P. A: Maybe you're better off without me. P.B: *slaps A's face and brings their face close* STOP. Don't say that. If I never got to meet you, I wouldn't have become the better person I am now.. Khám phá các video ngắn liên quan đến otp ship prompts trên TikTok. ... TikTok video from chloe fox (@heyitschloefox): "#writing #writingprompt #writingprompts #fyp #imagine #romance #love #dialogue #romanticdialogue #booktok #RayBanElevatorDance". stay. 33.8K views | stay - mikasa’s gf. 725. rlygirlygorl. Otp Otpprompt Otpideas 1 2 Writing Inspiration Prompts Writing Motivation Writing Dialogue Prompts. Premium Vector Security Otp Or One Time Password Smartphone And Shield One Time Password Otp Graphic Design Photoshop. One Time Password Otp Authentication One Time Password Otp Otp Authentication. "/>Otp dialogue prompts