I am trying to setup openvpn with avahi. I am currently running 2.1-Dev build and have avahi install on both endpoints Traffic routes fine from one endpoint to the other, both ipv4 and ipv6 (Dual stack tunnel). I can connect fine and route traffic between both endpoints if I know the correct ips. I can not however, get avahi to work correctly.. Set up Avahi. Log onto your OpenWRT router and install Avahi. 1. 2. opkg update. opkg install avahi-daemon. There is really only one thing that must be set in the /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf config file, and that is to enable reflector (proxy) support. This goes under the [reflector] section and looks like this. Avahiデーモンのインストール. Raspberry Pi上で以下でインストールします。. インストール後に起動され自動起動に設定されるようです。. sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon. 以上で、macOSではBonjourがインストールされているので、例えば、myraspiとホスト名を設定したら. "/>Openvpn avahi