Apr 30, 2021 · What is gvisor. gVisor is an application kernel, written in Go, that implements a substantial portion of the Linux system call interface. It provides an additional layer of isolation between running applications and the host operating system. gVisor includes an Open Container Initiative (OCI) runtime called runsc that makes it easy to work with .... Rancher documentation on k3s is quite nice and its HA support (both with external DB or embedded etcd) look nice, but I don't want/need an HA setup. In case my master node fails, I don't mind having downtime while I re-create it or make a master out of another one, but I cannot find documentation how to switch master node. May 21, 2022 · etcd is a consistent and highly-available key value store used as Kubernetes' backing store for all cluster data. If your Kubernetes cluster uses etcd as its backing store, make sure you have a back up plan for those data. You can find in-depth information about etcd in the official documentation. Before you begin You need to have a Kubernetes cluster, and the kubectl command-line tool must be .... "/>K3s backup