A smooth-running, full-extension drawer with push-to-open feature and built-in dampers so that it closes slowly, softly and quietly. Push to open; no handles needed. Handle-free doors create a streamlined look; push to open. The smooth-running drawer with drawer stop provides a good overview of the contents and makes things easily accessible.. Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:22 pm. If you have push to open (P2O) drawers you can't have soft close as well. It 's one or the other. The physics don't allow it. When you push close the drawer (the operative word being push) you are essentially setting the spring mechanism that allows the drawer to spring open when you push or touch it - or P2O it. Specifically, the bar area features three SHM walnut veneer push-open fronts (24"Wx20"Hx24"D) on the base cabinets along with IKEA MAXIMERA drawers — again paired with the granite countertops. Here as well are open floating shelving above the sink area, ideal for tumbler and martini glasses and for stocking a variety of spirits. "/>Ikea push open maximera