Databricks is a unified data-analytics platform for data engineering, ML, and collaborative data science. It offers comprehensive environments for developing data-intensive applications. Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning is an integrated end-to-end environment that incorporates: Managed services for experiment tracking; Model training. ADF, which resembles SSIS in many aspects, is mainly used for E-T-L, data movement and orchestration, whereas Databricks can be used for real-time data streaming, collaboration across Data Engineers, Data Scientist and more, along with supporting the design and development of AI and Machine Learning Models by Data Scientists. Come to Databricks! Interns work on super impactful projects. Most interns return and we been rolling out one of the best new grad TCs in the past few years... especially if you account for stock appreciation. Company is growing super fast so WLB for FT is not the best but not far off from FB/Amzn. "/>Databricks vs facebook