Sep 01, 2016 ยท The engine is in a '28 Ford of all things and also has aluminum heads, casting number: 3946074 which came on high horse 427's like L88's and a factory GM aluminum manifold 3933163 which is from the same era. I don't know much about big block Chevs, and am just going by what I have found on line.. Heads. 5 Axis CNC Porting Tech. Ford Heads; Holden Heads; Chev Heads; LS Series Heads; PARTS SEARCH. BUY ONLINE. IN STOCK - LONG ENGINES; IN STOCK - SHORT ENGINES; DIY-Top End Kits; DIY-Short Engine Kits; ... Part Number: ACL-5M909H. ACL RACE SERIES MAIN BEARINGS - 350 SBC Available in STD, .001", .010" Undersize. Big Block Chevy Casting Numbers. Please see the attachment below for a list of cylinder block casting numbers used on Chevy big block engines. Answer ID 652 | Published 10/06/2001 04:07 PM | Updated 12/18/2018 07:59 AM. Attachments. File Type jpg. BBM Block Casting 1.jpg (104.52 KB). "/>Big block chevy heads casting numbers