For Mobile: After logging in to your account, tap the menu (avatar) in the upper left corner of the screen Tap "Settings" Tap "Linked Accounts" Tap "Link another account" Search for your bank and connect using your bank credentials. Comparing the three investing platforms, you really get a sense that it’s not so much one is better than the rest but which is best for you as an investor. M1 and Robinhood are both completely free which is always nice but you get a completely hands-off strategy for just $1 with Acorns. You get more order options with Robinhood but automated. Linking your account to Venmo. Please follow these steps to link your Acorns Checking account to your Venmo account: Sign in to your account. Go to your settings. Tap "Payment Methods". Tap "Add a bank or card". Tap "Bank". Tap "Manual Verification". Add your Acorns Checking routing and account numbers in the fields.. "/>Acorns manually link account